Monday, 9 February 2015

February 9th

So another 2lb off this week! And that's not having a proper menu to work with and living off leftovers!   Yay go me.

So, I'm a bit lacking in the updating department but that's because Wednesday I spent the day in bed as I felt sooooo rough! Thursday I was up early and over at the yard as I help out there on Thursday mornings as well, then I spent the afternoon spending my leftover birthday money to buy myself some snowboots so I don't freeze when over there.  Still get cold feet even though I have on 3 pairs of socks, come on spring hurry up!
Friday was another afternoon over the yard and I forget what I did in the morning.
Saturday morning also sees me over there except this time in Yard Manager capacity, Da Boss thought I could do it and I messed up a couple of little things but I enjoyed it and she said that I did OK so that's now my Saturday mornings taken care of.

Well I seem to have got off track and hopefully now will claw my way back again.

Here is this weeks Menu Monday. Only five days this week because we are off somewhere special on Thursday.  I am so excited about it I can't wait to share it.

This isn't in any order but these will be the meals we are having.

Anything there take your fancy?

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