Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January 27th

Tuesday's Treats

Tuesday's Treats

Short sleeve dress

Red coat

Oasis red pantyhose

New Look brown shoes

LYDC laser cut purse

I don't really have the money for shopping, but I do like clothes and I realise that I really need to be a bit more 'grown up' when it comes to clothing, I mean I am a Mum after all.  So hopefully I will try and keep up with a weekly Tuesday's Treats, where I can 'shop' for the lovely clothes and maybe something will rub off and eventually I will be able to buy some new items and look a bit nicer.  

All the clothes will come from the UK so it will be a bit believable and will be clothes that I am likely to wear, but I must try and remember to recycle clothes that are in my wardrobe rather than 'buying' something new each week.

Are there any special items you think I should look out for or a few special occasions I should 'shop' for?

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