Wednesday, 21 January 2015

January 21st

“I love the way knitting brings people together.” 
― Debbie MacomberA Good Yarn

Wednesday, my day of woe, the middle of nowhere, humpday.

I used to suffer from this, I used to suffer a lot, now not so much.  The reason being is 'On Wednesdays We Wind Wool', or I go to a friends house and we have Stitch and Bitch.  I've spoken about this before.  I've changed so much since going.  Some weeks I don't go, but normally it isn't because I just can't face the day, it is genuinely because I have something on or have to be somewhere or I am ill.

Today we discussed shoes, children and genital herpes!!

We don't really Bitch, but there is a lot of Stitching.

I hope they don't mind me adding them! 

Do you suffer from MidWeek Syndrome?

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