Monday, 19 January 2015

January 19th

Menu Monday

So my first week and weigh in on the Hairy Bikers diet.  Firstly, oh my goddess, if you manage to ever try one of the recipes then you must.  Gorgeous food, just gorgeous! 

The recipes are easy to follow, the website a little harder! There are a few things which I would change, just to make the experience; as an end user a bit easier and user friendly.  There are many things which I think you could swap about, but not being a coder, I really don't know how easy it is to change.

Secondly, I guess you want to know about the weight loss.  Well on Saturday as you know I went out for a meal and tried to make a healthy choice but when you are confronted with a Baileys dessert, let's face it in my first week, it's going to win! And Mother 'GET RID OF ALL THOSE CHOCOLATES BEFORE I COME OVER AGAIN'.  Ferrero Rocher and Roses are naughty naughty.  Even so I had a loss of 2.7lb, which I didn't think was too bad. I still have to incorporate more exercise into my week, but I am trying not to rely on that too much to begin with.  Getting my food intake healthy again is better for me at the moment.

So as for next week's menu.  I have repeated a couple of the breakfasts, just so I don't have to think of something different every day, and it keeps the cost down.  Also the recipes for the main meals are for anything from 4-6 portions,  I just make those up and the portions we don't use I freeze, so if I ever fancy making a curry or fish, neither of which Mark eats, he has some meals already in the freezer.  Or if they want pizza and chips I have something ready made too.

Is there anything there that takes your fancy?

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