Friday, 16 January 2015

January 16th

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

Today's quote couldn't have been said better.

I had the best time over at the yard today.  I mucked out two stables, which I thought was going to KILL me! The sooner I get this weight off the better.  I was almost in tears and was almost going to tell Da Boss that I just couldn't do it anymore.  The pain in the small of my back was becoming unbearable and sending pains down my legs, that I had to take it in turns to stand on one leg, just to ease the pain. 

I know that I should be able to do more than this, but I didn't quit I kept on, and that's all that I can do for now.

When I was younger a few of my friends had horses/ponies and I was allowed on them, I never had riding lessons as such but I had a good go at trotting and cantering and I'm sure at some point I even jumped a bar or two.  I always wanted a pony, I mean who didn't, but unfortunately it wasn't to be.  I always felt so jealous of my friends who had them.  One of those friends still has horses, well by the looks of her Facebook feed she does, anyway. I'm not so sure of the other two though.

As well as helping out with boring mundane essential job of keeping things clean I also have the pleasure of leading in lessons as well.  Something I never dreamed I'd be doing.  I mean I have to jog and everything!!!! 

I understand completely what hard work and dedication it is to have these magnificent, graceful creatures and how much joy they bring to adults and children alike.

One day I hope to ride again.

I am so grateful for Da Boss giving me this amazing opportunity to work alongside these animals that I never in a million years thought I would be doing.  The two hours I put in at the stables does me the world of good and maybe when I get a little fitter I might be able to help out for a few more hours.

This beauty is Berry and I led her in the lesson today.
You really must check out the 'yard' and if you are in the area maybe sign up for some lessons.

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