Monday, 12 January 2015

January 12th

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” 
― Orson Welles

So last year I underwent a diet, I did really well I ended up losing 2.5 stone and felt so much better for it, then I had my gall bladder out and around July/August time felt generally 'blah' so all that weight has gone back on!

For this year I will try again, a different diet this time though.  This is the Hairy Bikers Diet Club, I love the Hairy Bikers, have done now for a few years and already had two of their books and when I saw their third out I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it and sign up to the diet (did you see what I did there? Bite the.... oh never mind)

So from now on I will be doing a Monday Menu Planning type post, which by all mean skip over.  If you know of any other blogs that have a Menu Planning type link then please let me know I might link up to them.

I'm hoping you can read it OK.  Made it in word, then saved to PDF then saved as JPG! Yep I have NO idea what I'm doing, but I'll get there.
Are you changing your eating habits at all?  Do you have a Menu Linky?

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