Monday, 5 January 2015

5th January

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” 
― Anatole France

Yesterday we had a bit of a scare.

Just before Christmas we bought Grace a Dwarf Russian Hamster as an early Christmas present, this tiny little bundle of fluff is a cute looking thing but boy is she mean.  She clearly wasn't handled much before we bought her as she like a nibble! That's her name now by the way Nibbles.

She used to live in Grace's bedroom, but as Grace was getting more and more excited for Christmas and finding it increasingly difficult to sleep we had to move Nibbles from her bedroom as she kept her awake at night, so we moved her to the now spare room (soon to be my craft room, but that will be a new post altogether).  Nibbles has been fine she is looked in on every day, there is a PC in that room which gets played on most days.  Well Mark went in there yesterday to get some wood that was in there and the next thing I hear is him shouting down to me to get up here quick.

Walking in the room he's standing there with Nibbles splayed out in his hands barely breathing and all squinted up.  I think she had started to hibernate.  Now I believe that domestic hamsters aren't allowed to hibernate, they aren't built for it, so I grabbed her and basically stuck her in my cleavage!!!!

I then just started 'hurr'ing on her to get some heat back into her.  The room wasn't particularly cold but she was on a set of drawers in front of the window so I'm guessing she got too chilled.  I then sat and held her in my hands and rubbed her, like a mother would do with a new born animal, I have no idea why; too many vets programmes I guess.  I then took a bit of water on my finger and held it by her mouth, she licked it and seemed to perk up.

Now we have quite a few power cuts and as we have a reptile that needs warm we have some of those hand warming pads, which we activated and wrapped in a flannel and put in her cage, with a few bits of her food and left her too it for a bit.  She is also on the lid of our fish tank, which is warm beacuse of the lighting.  We kept checking on her, keeping an eye on her and around an hour later she was running about all over her cage as if nothing had happened!!! Little bugger.

So here are a couple of photos of her, as I realised that I didn't have any of her.

And just so we know that she is definitely better here is what the little monster did to me today.

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