Saturday, 3 January 2015

3rd January

“To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!” 
― Susan Lendroth

I've decided this year I'm going to send more mail.  Now I have my monthly stationery box come through I have some awesome cards and postcards, along with some cool postcards I've collected along the way; I guess that's what happens when you collect stationery!! 

I've always liked to write and who doesn't like getting mail, as long as it isn't bills?

Well every Friday, I have written it in my diary, I'm setting aside some time to write a few postcards (which get sent to random people all over the world through Postcrossing) and maybe just down a few lines on a card to let people know that I think of them.  If people are expecting it then all the happier for getting it. 

Yesterday I wrote out 3 postcards to USA, Taiwan and Germany.  Taiwan is difficult as I know they are a bit 'funny' on certain types of pictures and stuff and you can imagine that my cards aren't going to be the norm, but I find appropriate cards all the same.

I came home from a shopping expedition today and I had in my mailbox a card from Bratislava, in fact in you wanted to see the cards I've received so far (the ones I was able to take photos of) you can look at my Postcrossing postcard wall here.  I may not be able to afford to go to beautiful places but it doesn't mean I don't get to see beautiful places. And if I am able to make people happy at the same time, then so be it.

If you wanted happy mail from me, just pop your home/PO Box address in an email to me and I'll pass on some happies.

Have you made someone happy today?

Postcards sent out

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