Sunday, 28 December 2014


“Though the road's been rocky it sure feels good to me.” 
― Bob Marley

Well that was that then.

I am exhausted, but Christmas is over, people got presents, I got presents and fun was had by all.

But, I have been ill, lots of problems all culminating in a terrific virus which has had me laid up for the tail end of November and the most of this month.  Now I could just run away, so how fitting for the very first #PaperHaul box arrived and was all about Adventures.

binoculars and catapult pencil not included

If you are unsure what #PaperHaul is then let me tell you.  It's brought to you by the Crafty Creatives team and is a monthly stationery box for paper addicts.

As I said this month had an adventure theme and included this month were some beautiful travel themed post cards, which if I don't manage to send to anyone I am certainly putting on my wall in my new craft room.  Some lovely graphical city stickers which can be used on envelopes or even scrapbooking if you are thinking of traveling.  Some wonderful craft papers one of which I love so much (the subway map) that I think I am actually going to frame that one!  With other little gems such as luggage tags and cards this really does make a fantastic subscription box for crafters, scrapbookers and paper addicts alike.

The one brilliant move they made was that with every #PaperHaul box purchased 10p was donated to PostPals, here is what their website says about them:
Post Pals is a small charity run solely by volunteers who are dedicated to making seriously ill children and their siblings smile by the sending of cards, letters, little gifts, support and friendship.
I know myself that receiving mail that isn't just the norm brings me so much happiness that someone is thinking of me and wants to take the time to write. I think this Charity is deserving of the contribution that #PaperHaul has made.

I am definitely writing more in 2015, even if it is to people I see on a regular basis.  I now know I have some wonderful stationery to fall back on.

catapult pencil not included
Do you think you would enjoy a monthly box with all these goodies in?  Subscription can be bought as gift subscriptions where you can enjoy savings on each box, or you can sign up monthly.

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