Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Happy

As some of you may know I am a bit of a fan of stationery, pens, notepads, stickers, pens, pencils. (Yes I have mentioned pens twice but you should see the collection I have!) I have been known to spend a good couple of hours in supermarkets staring at their stationery collection and my husband has even banned me from Paperchase.  I did manage to get him into Tiger once though, only because I told him it was a bit like Ikea!

Well I have come across somewhere else that I can now get more stationery, a little less mass produced and it is from popular lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess, firstly if you haven't ever seen the blog then you really should check it out, it will make your eyes pop and make you very very jealous. But I digress, Elsie and Emma have just added a new addition to their shop and it is a monthly subscription to Happy Mail a lovely collection of cards, postcards, prints and stickers.  This month was their first mail out and I took the opportunity to order one of these gorgeous packages.

My kit was dispatched on the 14th November and I received it today.  The postage was $2 and the subscription is $15.00 so all in all not a bad price.  The items themselves are all made by A Beautiful Mess themselves and separately the items have a $50.00 value.  They are all incredibly made and so, so pretty.  One thing I really like is even the envelopes for the cards are pretty.

I will soon be moving into my own Sewing Room (can I get a woop woop?) and I am sure some of these cards or prints will be making an appearance in there.  Some will even make it in the post to others and hopefully bring some Happy Mail to them too.

My favourite item from this months box?  It has to be the little notepad that lists todays goals, I think I will get some use out of that.

Do you have any subscription like this, do you think it is something you would like?

*HappyMail was paid for by myself and I have written this review just because I thought the whole process was so easy.  I had a few queries and A Beautiful Mess were very helpful and quick in their responses.  I believe we need to praise people more when they do something right, rather than disparage them when they do something wrong.*

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