Monday, 22 September 2014

Daily Writing

In an attempt to get me writing again, I used to write poetry and short stories, I have been looking everywhere for a daily writing prompt.  I have been to Paper Swans, and whilst they are good for prompts they don't send out a daily kick up the arse.  So I asked them on Twitter if they had any suggestions of anywhere they knew of that could help.

Sure enough they were able to come back to me with a wonderful suggestion of, Sarah Selecky who has a beautiful site and also has a daily prompt email sign up, so you can have an email sent to you on a daily basis where you take ten minutes out of your day to write.  And when I say write, I mean write.  With actual PEN AND PAPER, so I have finally had a day where I wrote.

I'm hoping to do these on a daily basis, if I don't I don't but it if I do, that's even better!

Here's yesterday's; the prompt being: "These have been here ever since Grolvak threw his back out."

As you can see, all written by hand, hopefully you can read it, that is if you want to. If not that's cool too.

Have you ever written, like this, for fun?

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