Monday, 8 September 2014

Busy Busy Busy

“We need to make sure that we never get too busy with life that we don’t have time to live.” 
― Daniel Willey

Just lately I have changed the way I have been living.  There are things afoot at home which has seen a change in the way mine and Mark's roles are being played out.  Basically put I am no longer a lazy arse and pretty much do it all, (shock horror I hear you all cry, I know you all thought I was the epitome of Domestic Goddessness!!)

Well because of this I actually have to have some structure to my day, as opposed to getting up, having breakfast faff about on YouTube, maybe then have a couple of snacks, catching up with blogs; then clearly I would have to check what's going on in the world of Facebook, etc etc, you can see where I am going here can't you?

So Grace is back at school, and I have managed all the washing, washing up, hoovering, polishing and everything else that needs doing before Mark gets back by about 8.50ish.  Granted I am only concentrating on the downstairs for now but small steps.  I've even got back into cooking the meals in the evening, much to the distaste of the girls because this means new experiences, yay!!!

On top of this I am still sewing so my days are certainly full now and coffee has again become more new best friend.  No more quick snoozes in the afternoon,even though I have all the new housework skillz I still don't seem to have picked up the sleeping skillz, small steps eh body?

Because of the new improved me I need something to do at the weekends that will keep me occupied as I will most certainly nod off if not.  This weekend I thought I need something calm, relaxing, not too taxing, as much as I love sewing I do become a little bit stressed.  My favourite non stressy but constructive past time has to be colouring, and as I am working hard to get some items made for a Craft Fayre at the end of the month I thought I would combine this and make some Halloween cards. I love putting these together I try to make each one different as I get a bit bored with repeativeness, so I crafted some of these up and put them on my Etsy shop, but I can also get to take them down with me to the Fayre, it's like advertising overkill, or something!

There is something so calming about letting your juices flow and just be.  That's why I'm so excited about the new membership 'box' about to be released into the world, from the wonderful people at Crafty Creatives, a box dedicated to paper, and all things stationery.  In a world of busyness and business we sometimes need to take a moment and slow down.  I can't wait to try #paperhaul and I'll be able to share all the goodness with you on my blog here.

Love paper? love #paperhaul

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