Tuesday, 2 September 2014


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” 
― Jorge Luis Borges

All I seem to do at the moment is talk about books, but books to me are a natural thing.  I am surrounded by an immediate family that doesn't read, which I find very strange.  Growing up my Dad always had a book in his hand.  I always had a book in my hand and for a part of my life reading was part of the reason I think I am still alive.

Over the holidays Grace took part in the Library's Mythical Maze challenge, which I think is a brilliant idea if it encorages children to read.  As she was doing this we had to go to the library every couple of weeks, somewhere I hadn't been in a few years.  I lost some library books, so of course there were overdue payments and replacement costs; which me being me I buried my head in the sand and hoped they would go away, so felt very guilty going there.  I even made Mark go with her and get her a library card.

We are lucky to have three libraries quite close to us and we travelled to a couple of them to chose Grace the books she wanted, (these details are all for a different post) whilst there I fell into that moment of pure calm.  Yes gone are the days of matronly bespectacled women constantly shushing you, but there is still that cool air of quiet and calm. With hushed tones and the distant sound of a Mum reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea for the 300th time.  Always an old man sitting reading the newspapers and the rustling of sweet wrappers.  I love it, I love that final sound of peace.

In a world of constant noise and hurry, this little oasis of quiet is maybe something we all need once in a while, even for 30 minutes to check out the free magazines and have a sit down.  Or catch up on your favourite childhood book to see if those simple memories come back.

What did I get?
A couple of crime story books, love those and haven't read any for ages. A knitting book, maybe a couple of Christmas presents to made in there. And as we are now into September a book about Christmas, because I love to read about useless information!

When was the last time you went to the library and what did you get out?

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