Thursday, 3 July 2014


Scars, just like the book says, we all carry them.  Some you can see and some you can't, the ones you can't I think are more dangerous.

I was given the opportunity to be able to review a new book written by the talented, in my opinion, Amanda Jennings.  I have previously not heard of this author but I a certainly going to look into getting her other book Sworn Secret.

The Judas Scar

This is a story of a disrupted childhood and how hiding things will always come and bite you in the arse.  We all have a past and this just goes to show how dangerous things can become when we don't let them go, or even if we think we have let go, but really our past constantly shapes our future.

I am one for reading a book and moving on to the next, a type of book bulimia, constantly inhaling all the words and never really tasting the story, but this one had me gripped from the get go.

I don't want to talk to much about the story as I don't want things to be given away but there are a couple of twists and turns, processes that happen and you think 'How did I not see that coming?'  As I have been ill lately and not sleeping well I have spent a few early hours of the morning finishing this book.  It is one of those where you want to get to the end because you want to know what happens? Will they live Happily Ever After? But I also didn't want it to finish, and even now a few days on from finishing I want to go  back and read it again, see if I can see a different side to it.

It also made me think how the actions of one can change the lives of so many, and how flippant and fickle people we really are.

Nice one Amanda, I really enjoyed it.  Thanks.

Thanks BritMums for the review copy.

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