Saturday, 21 June 2014

Write On..

So I am trying to get this going again and the way I thought about that would be by blogging prompts, I found a lovely one over here at Hello Neverland they came up with a prompt for every single day of June.  I saved the picture to my desktop so I can jump in and answer the prompt.  Now I just have to remember to actually turn my laptop on!
The problem is I use my phone WAY too much, if it was more user friendly then maybe I would blog from my phone, but it is too small and being a Windows phone there just aren't the apps for it.
We did have a trip out to the zoo, I took a few photos, which are now on the lap top, but I will look at them tomorrow and pick a few to share, I will also put the rest on Flickr, all these habits I have got out of. I need to now get back into them, try and stucture my day so I can fit everything in.
As of late I have been a bit poorly and at the end of the month I will be having an operation to sort it out, I will get into the blogging habit again then. that is is I can find another prompt list.

In case you were wondering, today's prompt was 'What tips do you have for beating Blogger procrastination' quite apt, don't you think?

Look for a prompter! Are there any prompt sites you can think of that would be good for me?

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