Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Books are a uniquely portable magic.

Well well well, I bet you didn't think you would be seeing me anytime soon!  I'm still here, being busy with homey makey stuff, which I am sure I will share at some point!

Firstly though I thought I would tell you about a lovely swap that I have been involved in recently, in fact I received my part of the swap today!

Over on the devilishly talented Chars' blog, at t*rexes & tiaras, she has run a little #bloggerbookswap and I was paired with the equally exquisite Alex, from Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks.  We all had to send each other, there were others in the swap, 3 books (I sent 4 as I was late in getting mine out, Alex was aware) I tried to send some diverse books and I hope Alex likes them.  We were to advise on what types of books we liked or disliked, the only thing I really dislike are those children misery/despair/abuse books *shudder* can't stand them.

I received mine this morning.

Firstly, I must apologise to Alex, is she's reading this, as I didn't wrap mine, secondly these were wrapped in the most beautiful holographic paper.  You see at the top there, that is a postcard of A Polished Italian Table Top, which sounds strange but looks so beautiful, like Agate, I'm a sucker for anything crystaly.

Anyway I digress, back to the books and the reason for the post, because as you know, books, books, books.
I haven't heard of any of these books and to be honest they don't look like something I would choose, but that was the point of me taking part, I'm trying to expand myself, well the reading side of me.  The books I received are, Code Name Verity, which according to Alex with emotionally ruin me! The top line of the synopsis on the back reads 'I have two weeks. You'll shoot me in at the end no matter what I do.'  Quickly glancing over the whole synopsis this seems like a War book, (I tend not to read synopsises'/synopsi? as I think they ruin it some times), I'm hooked already just from the first line, can't wait to get my teeth into this.
Elizabeth and her German Garden, is the second choice and just from feeling the books and holding it (yep weird) I get the feeling it is charming and quaint and something I will need to curl up one Sunday afternoon and read and read and read.
The Talisman Ring is the third and final book, I have never read any Georgette Heyer (yes I know total bibliophile fail) but when a book talks of Headless Horseman and Marriages of convenience it can't all bad, and a historical drama to boot.

I'm really looking forward to all of them and just want to thank Char for organising the swap and Alex for sending me some interesting looking reads.  I will try and review them on here for you, I read enough I really should have a go, but I'm not so eloquent with my words!

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