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Hi! I’m Caitlin, from Caitlin's Happy Heart 

My daughter and I at my husband's 40th birthday party.
I love life and the so many things that bring me joy in the day to day
living. That’s why I blog about things that make me happy. Appearing on my blog
because he makes me deliriously happy is my husband, Alex, aka. The Accountant.
Being married to an Accountant can have its drawbacks, the credit card
statements are certainly closely examined each month, but for the most part
it’s wonderful. It means we always have money saved in the bank so don’t need
to worry when unexpected bills come or we don’t need to excessively save for
big purchases, I never have to worry about my tax returns or superannuation
(big yay!) and I’m married to a steady, consistent and reliable man. (I was
lucky enough to get a rare breed of accountant who has an excellent sense of
humour too!)

Also featuring often on my blog are my five
children. I had two singleton boys and then we were surprised by triplets! (Identical boys and a girl.) The
triplets are two now, so life is certainly never dull! My kids provide a lot of
content on my blog! (As you could well imagine!) Like Camping with five kids including one year old triplets, a Triplet Pregnancy Journal and celebrating birthday parties like my son's fruity dragon 3rd birthday or my eldest son's 6th birthday Spy Party I also like posting about my
faith, literature, cooking and fashion.

I was telling Caroline that we recently visited the beach. I wasn't surprised that she was interested to hear more about this. One thing we notice about when the British visit Australia, they love our beaches!

So here are some details about a family holiday on an Aussie beach. Warning. You may want to book tickets to our fair shores on the completion of reading this, in which case you are very welcome!


Our holiday to the beach was to celebrate my husband's 40th Birthday. Because we were having family and friends coming down to attend the party, and since our family is large, we rented a house for a week. Renting a house is a great option if you are visiting an Aussie beach. It often works out quite economical, especially if you get a large house and share the costs with a friend(s). You also have the added advantage of being able to cook for yourselves whenever you like (cutting costs more, very important when you are married to an accountant.), you have privacy (important when you have a tribe of noisy kids!) and often have the facilities of a resort, like spas and pools, but you don't need to share.

The house we choose was huge! It easily contained our family of seven, our friends with a family of five, plus Alex's father and his wife and step-daughter.


The standard of food is incredible in the coastal regions in Australia. Pubs and surf clubs serves affordable and generous food. The cafe culture is booming and you can satisfy every gourmet whim that you may have. There is also a large array of beautiful restaurants. We went to a seafood market and bought a scrumptious seafood platter at wholesale prices and ate it in our holiday home. The prawns were super sized! Yum!

The Beach

The beach was a short walk from our house, but it was too long for the little triplets to walk there, especially since it was down a very steep hill. We often would drive five minutes to the main beach at Peregian Beach because it had the life-savers on duty. It's always wise to swim where there are lifesavers. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, the Australian beaches have very strong currents and rips, and it is easy to get pulled out to sea before you know it. You can never be too safe with children and there is extra security with having more eyes watching where your children are swimming. If you go to an Australian beach, make sure you swim between the flags. The life guards place the flags in the safest area that do not have a rip flowing through it.

We had a lovely time with the children taking them swimming and building sandcastles. The older boys are getting very good with the boogie boards, and my four year old was doing some impressive body surfing in some really big waves!

My son and his friend at the beach the day after the party.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time away and most of the time had spectacular weather. We definitely wanted an extra week away and didn't want to go home!

What was your most recent holiday?

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