Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bank Holiday Blowout

Way back in March BritMums asked if a few of their followers would like to have a little fun over the May Bank Holiday weekend, in relation to Morrisons.  As my food bill had been becoming a little more expensive with all the healthy eating I've been doing since joining Slimming World (update post on this to come a little later) I thought that maybe I could check out our nearest Morrisons and kill two birds with one stone.  So I jumped at the chance to sign up.

Roll on April 29th and look what turned up in the post, which made me a very happy girl!

I was chosen as a #MorrisonsMum and received £80 from BritMums to spend at Morrisons for goodies over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Morrisons have just made massive reductions to a lot of their produce and the best thing about this is the reductions are ongoing, not a temporary fix.

So with my vouchers in hand I trundled off to our Morrisons, based in Hoddesdon, to see what I could find.  This particular store only opened in December 2013, which is why we've never really used a Morrisons before, and even now it is immaculately kept.  Even the car park didn't seem to have a speck of dust in it.  There is a café on site, alas on this occasion I wasn't able to sample its goods, but I'm sure I'll be back to try out a latté or two.
My favourite part about the shop has to be the fresh vegetables and fruit, maybe it's a little gimmicky but the veg etc.. is set out in open topped chiller cabinets and what looks like 'dry ice' (but isn't, not sure what else to call it) cast over the top of the veggies, making them look as fresh as when they are picked.  The range is pretty huge too.  If I knew my family would eat it all I would have bought it all. As it was, I was happy to look round and purchase the items I knew would work for my family.

I have made a little video to share our Bank Holiday experience, the one thing I forgot to show was the receipt from Morrisons, in total we bought 60 items which came to less £74.05 which included multibuy savings of £6.18.  The most expensive item on the list was the barbecue spare ribs which my husband HAD to have!!!

All in all I was really happy shopping at Morrisons and shall be going back soon.  I will also be putting up some more videos of the recipes I made when I manage to wrestle with the camera for ALL the footage, in the meantime please have a look at the embedded video in which I share our Bank Holiday Blowout.
If you can't see the video on here then please use this link.

Disclaimer: I was sent the vouchers from BritMums to be used at Morrisons, all opinions are my own.

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