Sunday, 23 March 2014


Today we decided we would try Geocaching for the first time ever.

We're aching a bit now, but it was a lovely walk.  Here are a few photos.

So this was what we started with on my phone! The blue dot is where we started and the green box picture is where we were headed.
Grace having found the little Geocache
Opening the box to see what treasures are inside
Writing our details, unfortunately we got the date wrong!
Grace leaving her own treasure, Peppy, the Moshi Monster
The Geocache name! Piers Shonks.  This info is about Piers Shonks from the Mysterious Britain website.
Snuggled back where we found it.
Obligatory horse post, love the beige coloured one with the darker mane, (beige coloured probably isn't the technical term for it)
New phone so I wanted to check the camera.
Grace using her compass app.
Countryside view.  Complete with ominous looking clouds.
Muddy boots.
And this is how far we walked.  Not too shabby I thought.

We experienced rain, wind, sun and hail and it was quite chilly, but we are all home now snuggly, warm and together, that's the main thing.

I'm thinking I will probably upload more photos than writing here as I have little to write about but I'm always taking photos.


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