Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sun is Shining

2nd day in a row I got up late, this is what happens when I don't sleep nap during the day, I still don't manage a before midnight bedtime, I just sleep longer in the day.

Yesterday I overslept and I was meant to go Nordic Walking, this is a new thing, not sure what to expect, I didn't manage to go though but hopefully off to have a try tomorrow, I have a money off voucher from the WI, which was lovely.

I did manage to drag myself out to take the dogs for a walk, this is something I have been putting off for a while as I have to do the walk twice! So having worked it out on Google maps I think I walked 4 miles, not too bad!! 

I took some random phone photos too, aren't you pleased?

From the top a random rotovator just abandoned! Couple of horses in a field! An old K7 telephone box, some kind of fungi, catkins already! And my dirty walking trousers and boots!

After lunch I started knitting but felt myself drifting to sleep and wanted to make something that was a bit more instant and instead made some valentines cards to go in my Etsy shop, some of them I want to try and make a little 'alternative' I will hopefully get some photos up tomorrow.  So check back.

So tell me how was your weekend?

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