Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hello World, are you there it's me Caroline

Well yet again a huge fail for me, I was going to start the New Year with a blog a day.  The thing that I find hard is the fact that I constantly write inane things on Facebook, so when it comes to the end of the day I have nothing to say, not that I had that much to say during the day, but you get what I mean! If I had the option to write the things down and then upload at the end of the day that would be a great help (If anyone can tell me how to remedy this, please let me know)

Yeah it's a bit late but Happy New Year to you all.

So our New Year was spent very quiet, at home with the children, little bit of a beer shandy watching the Gary Barlow concert on TV, then watching the fireworks in London, then bed.  That's how we normally spend NYE, not a huge celebration for us I'm afraid. 

Been a bit ill, stuffy head, almost a cold but not quite, spent a day and night in bed, much better now.

Started Slimming World (yep, jumped on that bandwagon again) I'm hoping as I don't have to weigh everything that I will be able to stick to it a bit more and lose weight get healthy and generally feel better.  This is my first full day and it seems OK! :)

I have had a couple of down days already this year but have forced myself to do stuff, made me feel good and proud.

Went to a Stitch and Bitch, enjoyed that.

Got my pedometer on me all the time, I want to try and find some kind of 'app' where I can add the steps so I can maybe walk around the world.  Not sure where to find one though.

Right that's it for the day, onwards and upwards.

What have you been up to?

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