Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Guess Who ?!?!?!?!?!

Well who'd a thunk it?

I'm still here and still typing, not too much is happening, which I think is why I don't tend to update so quickly.

I am in charge of running to and fro though, Mark has damaged his foot somehow, we have been to the hospital a couple of times and he has had x-rays, they can't see a break but are unsure as to why his foot is still so swollen and why he can't put any weight on it, so an appointment has been made with orthopaedics on Friday for a proper little poke!

Thinking of things I can put up on Etsy again, I like the idea of knitting bits, maybe with a pagany feel, maybe crossstitch but it takes so long and I want everything done yesterday!

Tomorrow I'm off to the Doctors AGAIN.  I am still so tired, it is ridiculous now, I have to literally move constantly or I will drift off to sleep.  I cannot sit for more than 15 minutes without nodding off, if I could I would get up in the morning have breakfast, go back to bed sleep, then wake up around 3 ish, be up for about 4 hours nad then back to bed to sleep all night.  This is not how to function!!!

After Doctors it's then to a friends for Stitch and Bitch.  Thursday I am off to another friends, this time taking my sewing machine with me to teach her and another friend how to sew with the machine.  Busy Busy.

Righto onwards and upwards.


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