Wednesday, 16 October 2013

13th October 2013

On Sunday 13th October 2013 Mark and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, this year it was silk apparently.  Unfortunately no sexy lingerie was bought, for either party, but we did manage a night to ourselves! Eveigh was out at an 18th birthday party and Grace was at her Nanny and Grandad's for the night, thanks for that.

So Mark and I thought we would have to do something a little different than being at home and catching up with Netflix! But I have been really quite unwell and have spent the last two weeks in bed didn't want to do anything too strenuous.  We decided to go to Clacton-on-Sea.  We thought how lovely it would be to sit on the beach at sunset with a bag of chips.  Woops, must learn about tide times as there wasn't actually any beach to speak of!

We did manage the chips though, from a bar/grill which was at the front of the pier, won't be doing that again.  Food wasn't particularly nice and I wasn't sure when the tables were washed last.

Mark did manage to get a 'selfie' of us (I can use that word peoperly now as it's in the dictionary, oh the shame) we don't often get photos of us together as either one of us is normally behind the camera, namely me.

I really like this photo I'm almost smiling and I do have my new glasses and new hair colour.

We did manage to get on a bit of beach and for the first time ever I managed to find sea glass AND driftwood.

The white thing in the top right hand corner is a clam shell (I think, it could well be a muscle shell, I'm not too hot on shell fish) it is still connected, here is a better photo.

If you have any idea what you think it may be, please let me know.  Obviously there are a couple of hag stones and some pretty red stones I just liked the look of.

What did you get up to the weekend just gone?

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