Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

... or does it just mean you have all forgotten?

All I seem to do lately is apologise for how infrequently I update this blog, today is no exception.  Sorry.

Just before the Summer Holidays, gosh doesn't that seem like a very very long time ago now, I started working as an MSA (dinner lady) at the school Grace used to go to, and it does seem to take a while for me to get into a routine.  As I was taking Grace to the school anyway, most mornings I waited there, helped out with teachers and stuff, did my lunchtime duty; then came back home had lunch, by which time it was almost time to go and get Grace again.  Then aafternoon turned into evening and before I knew it it was time for bed and I had hardly looked at my PC, let alone sit down to write anything.

Then the Summer holidays hit and I couldn't justify sitting on the PC when we had all this glorius weather so again I didn't get around to writing.  Since they have been back at school I have been working full days on Tues, Weds and Thurs and am working lunches on Mon and Fri.

I have also started going to a D&D evening once a fortnight and as of last week I am training to be a Guide Leader so that's my Wednesday evenings taken care of.  Ahh yes I have also taken on some work sewing for a lady so that also take up a lot of day time.

Also starting to go to the local WI and I have become a social whirlwind, well kind of.  Last week I was feeling decidedly bleurgh and just thought it a cold, except none of the remedies were working, I had an appointment at the doctors yesterday, for blood pressure problems!, and she had put me on a course of antibiotics.  I Have basically slept these past two days and I seem to be now coming out the other end.

Have I been doing too much?  I hope not.
Well that's a quick update, you do realise there will be photos and other things to be posted now don't you?

Anyway onwards and upwards.


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