Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's in my Handbag

Today I'm going to share with you What's in my Handbag.  Everyone likes a bit of a nose about in other peoples bags, houses etc...

This show and tell though has a bit of a difference.  Now as you know we don't have much disposable income and as parents we very often go without so our children can have special treats.  On this occasion though I thought I would find out exactly HOW MUCH is in my handbag.  I read on MoneySupermarket's website that the average worth of a handbag, including contents, was £881.68 I found this hard to believe so I thought I would have a go myself.

Firstly I know I carry too much crap around with me, I do have issues and this is all my comfort zone.

Suzy Smith handbag   £38.77
Kindle Case   £8.97
Balmi Lipbalm   £4.99
Stylefile Keyring   £4.49
Mini Sharpies x 2   £2.20
Filofax   £17.30
Kindle   £69.00
Next Purse   £17.00
Note Pad   £6.00
Manicure Set   £10.50
Samsung Camera   £60.00
Samsang Galaxy S2   £300.00
Bag Insert   £0.99
Pirate USB   £9.99
Selection of pens   £2.00
Chewing Gum   £1.50

Organic Surge Makeup wipes   £3.49
Eyeshadow Palette   £8.00
Hand Sanitiser   £2.00
Sewing Kit   £3.99
Weleda Hand Cream   £8.95
Shine Control Papers   £2.00
Seabands   £8.15
Lip Butter   £2.00
Rimmel Stay Matte powder   £3.99
Bourjois Blush   £7.49
MUA Lipstick   £1.00
2 True Mascara   £2.00
Revlon Colourburst   £7.99
BB Creams FOC
Lush Perfume   £8.00
Highlighter   £2.89
Colour Tattoo   £4.99
Concealer   £1.50
Eyeliner   £1.50
                                                              Total   £634.13

This to me is such a shocking amount!  Not just that I have that amount of 'stuff' on my shoulder on most days but also the fact that I have that amount of money tied up on 'stuff'.
Granted some of the items were presents, so they didn't cost me but they did cost our family.  The most expensive thing has to be my phone but I got the phone free on contract, but it is the fact it is still worth so much money.
Just lately Mark and I have been talking about having a holiday.  In fact we haven't had a holiday for 4 years and that was a four day camping trip.  We think it is time to save for our 'holiday of a lifetime' and we are thinking of going to Canada.  I think now that we will have to take a hard look at what we already have in our house, our house which I think we have no money in.

Have you ever thought of how much your handbag is worth?  More than you think?


  1. I've seen a few of these posts lately and always think I don't carry that much around with me, but maybe I do.

    1. This is what I thought too until I actually added it all up, shocking.

  2. Wow, that is shocking! But I suppose if you have an iPhone and an iPad in your bag, which many women do, you'd pretty much have done the £800 already. I don't think my average bag is anywhere near this much,b ut it depends if it's a day when I'm lugging my DSLR around or not!