Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Just a quick update on today.

Wednesdays I volunteer at Grace's school, in the morning just helping Grace's teacher, photocopying, listening to reading, that sort of thing.  Then at lunchtime myself and a couple of other parents run a craft/art club.  Any of the children can come and we think up small projects that the children can do in around 40 minutes.  So far we collaged, made badges, sewn lavender bags and this week we took pictures from magazines and then the pictures were stuck to a piece of paper and the children were able to draw a picture using the original magazine photo.  This kind of thing:

Art Mommie
Some of the children couldn't quite grasp the concept but some of them really got into it and made some good pictures.

I always feel so tired when coming back home, even though I haven't done too much.  I think it's because you have to be so alert.

Well I then came home and caught up on some emails and I received a little something in the mail today that I am excited to be able to blog about, I will be starting on it at the weekend.  Stay Tuned.

We did our weekly shopping today and after watching a video of Miss Beauty Budget's evening skincare routine I realised that there has been something missing from my routine, damn you Khila and your cleverness.  I have oily skin, I'm sure I've told you, and I have been trying to control it with different products.  Today on Khila's 'say so' I realised I need a face wash, something to maybe dry my skin.  So whilst dragging walking the husband through the aisles I checked out the skin products, when trying something new I always go for the cheap things (skinflint) and I came across a new product I had ever seen.
It's Tesco's Pro Formula Clear Skin, Cleansing Facial Wash.  It was in the store on special offer at the moment for £1.00.  I thought that I would need something that would be a little tougher on my skin than a muslin that I use for my cleanser, so I treated myself to a couple of sponges for 50p!  I know how to live dangerously!

I've already used it this evening and it really feels cleansing, doesn't smell soapy and does foam up but not excessively.  I follow with a toner and moisturiser and my skin feels really quite squeeky clean.

Anyway, as you can see my Mollie Makes also came today, so if you excuse me I will leave you all now to curl up with the magazine and my cheesy puffs.


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