Monday, 17 June 2013

Far Away, As in a Trance...

...I heard the Sound Of the Floral Dance

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That's me that is.  Sorry for the poor copy but it is an old photo which had to be scanned in.  Anyway, back in 1983 I was a member of our local newspapers junior club and one year they ran a competition for who could grow the highest sunflower, and blow me I won.  Our family had always been keen gardeners, my Dad  used to be head gardener at the Seafront Gardens, Clacton in the 1950's.  There also wasn't an autumn that went by in our house where we weren't sitting in a hot, steamy kitchen, peas and other vegetables blanching in pans, having been picked that afternoon.  I distinctly remember sucking the air out the bags so they could be sealed and frozen.  There is nothing sweeter than popping peas and eating them, the slight taste of the earth from the dirt on your fingers.  Coming home warm and tingly with black stained fingers and mouths, after the all you could eat pick strawberries and blackberries.  Even to this day I find it hard to walk over a front lawn for fear of the wrath of my Dad.

Even though I am not the most green fingered of people, I do still like to be in the garden.  I was always an outdoors child and being a parent is no different, especially when you have an outdoors child yourself.  Grace is one to never shy away from weather discrepancies.  Snow, rain or shine her most favourite place to be is in the garden.  So why not exploit this.

This is one of my favourite photos of Grace, taken a few years ago now, and she has just pulled a carrot from the garden, run it under the outdoors tap and took a bite.  The is nothing more heartening that a child who likes their veggies and a child who has no problem getting dirty and stuck in.
With that in mind I thought I would take part in MoneySupermarkets #KidsGrowWild challenge.  I signed up through the BritMums and a couple of weeks later was sent a kit, to encourage children to go out and grow things.  As I am not too happy with myself being on camera I have taken a few photos of Grace using her kit.
#KidsGrowWild kit
Kitted out to look like a farmer!!
Choosing which seeds to sow first


Seeds, I did get her to wash her hands after

Writing the seed markers

Aerating the soil before putting other seeds in

Putting them all in the greenhouse

Water from the rain butt

Watering some previously planted salad leaves

Packing away all the rubbish

Time for tea

An extra bonus, inside the seed packets were word searches relating to the seeds we planted
In the kit came a small gardening bag, a pair of gloves, a trowel and fork, watering can and three packets of seeds; Sunflowers (let's see if Grace can beat my record), Pansies and a mixture of flowers.  Whilst we were potting the seeds Grace took great delight in telling me that the worms made the compost and it was all really just worm poo!
I can't wait for these to flower and to get some colour in the garden, as well as seeing the birds eating the sunflower seeds, some of which I may keep for next year (the seeds I mean, not the birds.)

Will you be growing flowers and vegetables this year?  If so what do you like to grow?

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge

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  1. Like the worm poo comment. Great post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part