Friday, 17 May 2013

'Her voice is full of money'

Does anyone know where the above was quoted?

The Great Gatsby in 1925.  The world seems to have gone Gatsby crazy at the moment, heck even I seem to be sporting a Carey Mulligan pixie style.  With this in mind this month's Crafty Creatives box was just the ticket.
Welcome to all things Glamour.

 Not being much of a girly girl I thought this box would be a little difficult for me to access my inner Glamourous Goddess, but tomorrow I am off to a Wedding Vow renewal with new dress and grown up shoes I thought I would dig deep and take one for the team.
So what did we receive this month?

This beautiful Art card created especially for this months box but the artist Lianne Williams check out her website for some awesome portraiture drawings, as you can see from the card.

This month's Kit is a beaded hair clasp, which I am quite excited for.  As I am off to the wedding tomorrow and I am not one for hat wearing I thought this would be perfect, and the colour fits in exactly with my frock, who'd have thought it?

This trim, to me, is exactly what Glamour is all about.  I have never been one to be able to pull off a full feather boa, and sometimes they can even look a little tacky, where as this could be easily made into a choker or even small pieces added as decoration to a that extra 'je ne sais quoi.'

More beads, I'm not sure if I received the Vintage Rose or the Light Rose but either way these are such a beautiful shade of pink.  They even came in a little velvet pouch so if you found something beautiful to add them to and wanted to gift them, you have the perfect item.  It's not often you get given genuine Swarovski (well I don't any way.)

Stamping is something that I have just started looking into, and it really isn't as easy as it looks.  The combination of this delicate lace pattern and the beautiful silver pad will make a wonderful addition to either wedding accessories or a contemporary winter/Christmas card.

How wonderful are these sparkly beads?  If you were to wear these on a bracelet against a Little Black Dress I think it would really glam up any number.  How about adding some findings to the teardrop charms and make some delicate earrings to compliment?

Metallic Star Dust, now this one really has me stumped, like teeny tiny marbles but bigger than glitter.  I will have to get my thinking cap on for this one.  Have you got any ideas for uses?

Beautiful Red Rose Pendant, I already have some thoughts on how I'm going to use this, that is if the first part of the plan comes together.  I will update you when I have finished the project.

There were a few other 'bits' in the box, The base of most of the photos was this sumptuous black velvet and a whole FQ there will be lots of things I can use that for.  Also included for our craft stash some Photo Glue from Stix 2 and some silver coloured earring findings and jump rings.  I really must just bite the bullet and make some jewellery, I have so many ideas but too scared to jump in.

Here are a couple of photos of my finished hair clasp.  I deviated from the instructions that were given as I made a little boo boo (kids, remember to center your filigree so you have enough felt ALL the way round) and because it looked a little empty on top I added some of the fluffy trim to even it out.

Now I have my hair clasp, I am going to grab my liquid eyeliner and red lippy and head to the opera.


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