Tuesday, 23 April 2013


One thing I notice about spring or this time of year is the smell; or lack of it.

Autumn conjures the smell of sugar beet and damp earth.  Winter brings with it that sharp cold smell that burns your nostrils if you breathe too deeply.  Summer envelops you in honeysuckle and roses, night scented stock invading your open windows.

But spring, for me, no smell.  For me sounds awaken after the stillness of winter.  The cooing of pigeons and the ever growing music of blackbirds.  The distant droning of lawnmowers and the shrill giggle of children.

Where we live we have just had a family move in and they have bought the field behind us which they are turning into a small holding/riding school.   The sounds that now eminate from there are more varied.  No matter how many times I hear the gobble of turkeys, it never fails to make me smile.   The baaing of sheep and the whinnying of horses from where they have been tied up to have their hooves cleaned.  But one of the most magical sound of all is the sound of the children of the family, they still seem to find daily wonder at the animals they are exposed to.

People talk of the peace and quiet of the country side.  Well my country side, my little peice of paradise is an explosion of sound.  A cacophony of natural music.

Just take a moment to listen, there is nothing quite like it.

What does spring conjure up for you?

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  1. This past week or so I've been smelling a lot of freshly cut grass, which is a great smell.