Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Oh Mr Bluebird on My Shoulder...

So, it's Craft Creatives time again.  This month a colour theme.  When I saw the art card that came with it I had a little feeling of sadness because I don't connect well with the colour blue.  I find it quite cold and depressing.  Saying that though, looking through the box I was really excited to see what was included and was so impressed with the tones of blue they chose as they were all very fresh and 'bouncy' that I felt that I could actually make a lot with these.  So here is April's Craft Box.

This picture is by artist Catherine Moody.  Her portraiture and traditional designs are absolutely stunning.  You should really check out her site.  This art card I really love as I think the drawing comes completely to life and seems to pop off the page.

These two Bluebird pendants can be so versatile.  They can be made into earrings with some seed beads, a necklace pendant on some choker wire or even made into a beautiful bag charm.  The possibilities are endless.

My two daughters already work with clay, my eldest has really made some stunning pieces, which I must show at some point.  This is already being coveted by them so I will have to store it away.  Myself, I'm not so good at modelling, but I think I will have a go, there is an instruction sheet to go with it, which is always useful.  www.jumpingclay.co.uk

These pretty little felt balls are from Nepal and I think they would make a lovely embellishment to a purse or makeup bag.  I think I may look into making one or the other of those using another item from the box.  Watch this space.

How delicate are this little glass beads from Musha Makes? They almost look like beach glass.  I will have to think long and hard about what to use them for as I would like to make them a feature so not to use them with anything too heavy.

Three generous tubes of glitter and beads, because no craft box can have too much sparkle.  I have an idea for these too to be used with another item from the kit, so again this space will need to be watched. Stix2

Oh how I wish I could paint, I long to be able to put a few strokes of paint on a canvas and voila, Bob's your Uncle.  We have numerous books around the house teaching you how to paint and draw, eldest was an art student, but alas I just have no artistic flair when it comes to painting or drawing.  These colours are so gorgeous though, I really would like to make something for our bathroom.  Predictable colours maybe but our bathroom is so white I think these colours would help to freshen it up. Check out their website for some awesome crafty projects too DecoArt.

No monthly box would be complete without the monthly CC Kit.  This month everything you need to make a Bluebird Mobile.  I love mobiles, wind chimes, crystals etc.. I have them all over the house, there is something so fluid about them, it tends to keep the house moving and not sit and stagnate (oo look at me getting all Zen)  I can't wait to make this and I know exactly where it will hang.  I will share with you soon.

This photo just points out all the extra little bits that were included in the box.

What are you favourite items this month, are there any ideas you would like to share?



  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm not at home at the moment so can't open my box, the bird mobile sounds amazing. Ahh, can't wait!


  2. I haven't received mine yet, but, seeing yours I can't wait. It all looks lovely

  3. I just received my box today and it is my first one! I'm thinking about making a little blue and white boat pendant with the clay. My favourite items are probably the fabric as I love to sew (although I got a different pattern!) and the bluebird charms. x

  4. Just received my first one today, so pleased as blue is my favourite colour! The paints are perfect for my Tinks Things goodies. Love the mini kit and the chance to try new crafts as never used clay before and my sewing is very limited.x