Saturday, 6 April 2013

Just a quickie.

Only really a couple of photos for now. Haven't really been up to much just mooching around at home so nothing really new to share but a couple of photos.

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I am again sewing, this time doll's clothes.  Oh my goodness doll's clothes are hard if sewn on a sewing machine as they are so fiddly!  But still I had a go.

The other quick thing I wanted to share is about Gracie, now she is obsessed with watching me put my make up on and is desperate to come in the bathroom when I am doing my face in the morning and night time.  Well she has some dry skin problems which we have been to the doctors about and he has had to give us some steroid cream, which I know isn't too good for her, but now she really wants to look after her skin.  We were in Tesco's today and saw they had some facial things on offer and we have bought her her own little face set.  It's really sweet to see her doing her face in the evening, all properly with her cotton wool etc..
Just some Simple products for Sensitive Skin, and some cleansing wipes as she likes to play with make up so I thought this is better and softer for her skin than makeup remover.
I have promised her during the week that she will be able to do my makeup so expect some photos! *gulp*

Not too much of a long post but I like to share.


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