Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So yesterday was chilly but at least there was a little sun to make everyone cheerful.  Today, not so much it was just a really dull depressing day.  The weather really does affect my mood.
I had promised myself some more sewing today so I finally finished off some unfinished projects.
Firstly a hand stitched pair of trousers from when I participated in Viking Re-enactment, I need some gardening/walking type trousers so I thought these would be great, I quickly re did all the hems and tidied them up a bit, then found I had no elastic for the tops, so they have to just wait now!!
Also last year I started making a dress from this pdf pattern, which is from Nette's blog, which has some lovely projects on there for free.  So yeah I had to print it all out, join it together, then take my measurements and cut it out and phew, it was hard work, well for me anyway I have never followed a pattern before!!!
Anyway, I made it in a bright pink fabric and then realised that woah there tiger pink; on you!! So it became a top and just to break it up a bit I chucked in a couple of pockets from issue two of Mollie Makes (see there is a reason i have to keep every single issue!)
So for one night only is me in a photo (*rapturous applause*)

Not absolutely brilliant, but for a first attempt I think it is OK.  I have darts for the breastage area! I do know that the arm holes could be better but I need to understand how fabric lies and how to sew around corners.  But I haven't had to pay for any of it as it was all stuff I had laying around or from Freecycle.

Not sure I will ever wear it out either but at least I can do it.  Now I just need 'real' patterns, best have a look in my Burda magazines or something.  Wish I could actually afford the Burda Subscription but it is a tad expensive, I like that you can get patterns from their site but again it means printing it all out atc.. and I find that even harder!

Also, not sure if you follow me on Instagram (cordeliaearle) but we had Pan Haggerty for dinner and it was scrumptious.  You have got to love the Hairy Bikers haven't you?