Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Favourites.

Well this is a new type of post for me, a favourites post.  Hope you don't mind.

A picture of new Kaytie Wu handbag, stripey scarf, Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, MUA eyeshadow palette in Undressed, Simply Argan Oil, Garnier Moisture Match Shine be Gone, Crafty Creatives Box Card

A bit of this and that really.

A picture of a Kaytie Wu handbag and stripey scarf from Store 21

I am not a labels person, never have been and I don't think I ever will do (well apart from wanting a Anya Hindmarch handbag, but that's for another time and place.)  Well at the beginning of the month it was my birthday and my lovely Mum bought me this wonderful new handbag, which you can't really see here but I will do a 'What's In My Handbag' post where I can introduce you properly.  The other item in the picture is a scarf I bought myself from Store 21, they were doing a deal buy one get one half price.  This one I am wearing most of the time though as the purple in it goes with my coat and I love the muted colours.  The other scarf I have is black and white but more of a geometric pattern.

A picture of Elvive High Gloss Light Shampoo and conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner has been a real treat for my hair, for so long now I have suffered with greasy, lank hair and now after using these my hair feels so much better.  After I wash my hair with this it just feels so soft and light, as though my hair isn't there any more!  If you have oily hair you may be familiar with the feeling of straight lank lifeless hair, with this my hair just felt so soft and almost fly away.  It cleans well but doesn't strip any of the natural oils in my hair.  My hair looks so shiny afterwards too.

a photo of Garnier Moisture Match Shine be Gone and Simply Argan, Argan Oil

These two products are pretty new to me but I am just loving them now.  I really like this moisturiser, I have suffered with oily/combination skin for so so long now and at last there is something on the market to deal with it.  Firstly  the price on this product is so so good.  Not having a lot of money but wanting to look nice I think that skin care is more important to spend money on than make up, so when this came on the market I was very excited.  I was fairly happy with the routine I already had but wanted a change.  I tried a sample on the back of my hand and at the end of the day I knew then that it would make a huge difference to me.
It really does reduce 'the shine' without being cakey.  Easy to apply, to me it seems a little thicker than a normal moisturiser, more the consistency of an intense night cream, but it just goes on smoothly.  The only problem I have is if I put a foundation cream over the top of this, with out first using a primer, it does tend to make the foundation 'bitty' as though I had small bits of tissue stuck to my face, this isn't a huge problem just remember to wear primer.   The Simply Argan, Argan Oil is lovely.  I received this in an Amarya box a while ago but really wasn't sure how to use it.  I was scared to try it on my face because of the oiliness of my skin anyway I thought it would add to it.  But after watching a Lisa Eldridge video on YouTube I now use this as a make up remover and my eyes have never felt better.  I use it just as she does and hold it onto my eye for a bit and it dissolves the make up so I don't have to pull or scrub at my eyes to get the make up off, much much better all round.  This is the video if you are interested.

a photo of MUA Eyeshadow palette in Undressed and the art card from Crafty Creatives monthly craft box

These last two couldn't be more different.  MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Undressed, which at the moment I use pretty much every day as I think I am becoming a bit stuck in a rut and playing it safe with colour.  I have been watching some tutorials on YouTube so I am going to try and come out of the box a bit more with colour and style, but I shall keep you posted on those.  The second item is the Art Card from the Monthly Craft Box I get.  It works on the same basis as a beauty box, you pay a monthly subscription and you get sent a box stuffed with crafty bits and pieces which you can do what you like with.  They do send you a 'Kit' every month as well so you can learn a new craft.  Previously there have been such crafts as Bath Bomb Making, Needle Felting and this month the kit teaches you how to make Polymer Clay Jewellery.  I have taken photos of this months box, but I just don't seem to have had time to sit down and write a post.  I normally make a video, which you can see on my YouTube channel, but I didn't even manage to do that this month.  I want to get into the habit of doing a monthly make post, to show what came in the box and some of the items I made with it.  It's a good way of getting me off my arse and doing something.

Anyway that's it for my first favourites post, hope you liked it.


PS What things have been your favourites this month? 

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