Friday, 15 March 2013

Crafty Creatives March Box

Hello all.

I took these photos on Tuesday, I don't know why it has taken so long for me to get around to posting.  Oh well better late than never.

Just a quick post showing you the contents of the March Crafty Creatives box and OH. MY. GOODNESS. what a box!  So far, even though I haven't had many boxes from them, this has to be my all time favourite.  Starting from the beautiful art card which is always included right down to the smallest clock hand.  Yes you read that right a clock hand, can you guess what the theme was this month?
That's right Steampunk.

                        So lets get started.
a photo of the contents of the crafty creatives march 2013 box. this includes an art card by Britta van den Boom, a decoupage trinket box kit, 3 metres of brown leather cord, pipe spacer beads, bottle of crackle glaze, metallic transfer foils, bundle of leather scraps, reel of wire, bulb and clock charms, lock clasps, watch parts, brown tweed fabric with metallic copper twist.
March 2013 Box Craft Contents.
Even just looking at the bits all spread out without proper studying I was super super excited, I love these brown and copper colours.
a photo of an art card of a steampunk lady and her little robot and some tweed fabric.
Art Card and Tweed Fabric.
The moment I saw this beautiful art card I knew I was going to love this box.  The artist is Britta van den Boom and she is from Germany, I have added a link there to her Deviant Art page, and looking through all her work she really has a passion for steampunk.  Some of the factory photos she has taken are amazing.  Also in the photo is a length of brown Tweed fabric with the most beautiful metallic copper twist running through it.  I will have to think hard on what to use this for, the fabric is a lovely thick fabric and the copper thread running through it makes a modern twist on an old style of material.  Maybe you could think of some ideas for me?
a photo of brown and black leather scraps and a selection of metallic transfer foils.
Leather Scraps and Metallic Transfer Foils
These small pieces of leather or just lovely, there is something so soothing, for me anyway, as the smell of leather and if the leather is soft also that makes it all the better.  I'm thinking I might have a go at stamping on it, the type with a hammer and punch.  I would really like to try and transfer some of the copper foil onto the design as well and make it into a keyring but I will have to really think about it as I don't want to waste any.  I have never used transfer foil before, that will have to be YouTube lesson I think.
a photo of coiled copper coloured wire and 3 metres of leather cord on some brown tweed fabric.
Reel of Copper coloured Wire and Three Metres of Brown Leather Cord
Next up is a reel of the most startling orange/copper coloured wire which is so soft and malleable I can't wait to start cutting that up.  I might even incorporate some of the beads from the Woodland box, or make some kind of necklace anyway.  Then three metres of brown leather cord, THREE METRES, that is so much, won't be running out of that soon.  I like that there is a lot of one product, there is nothing worse than having ideas and not have them come to fruition because you only have a tiny amount of something.

A photo of some charms including a clock face, lightbulb charm and some key charms.  Also some spacer beads and some watch parts.
Bulb and Clock Charms. Pipe Spacer Beads.  Lock Clasps. Watch Parts.
How absolutely lovely are these?  Look at those teeny tiny watch parts.  Little cogs and hands and all manner of niceness.  The charms are just too precious too.  All of these little bits just seem too lovely to use. I will be trawling Pintrest to see if I can pick up some inspiration.
a photo of a cardboard trinket box, some decoupage paper, some tissue paper a couple of cardboard cogs and a small length of chain,
March 2013 Crafty Creatives Kit.
The kit this month is a Decoupaging kit for a trinket box, which is also included.  Included in the kit are a box and lid, Decoupage paper, Steampunk images, cog and a small length of chain.  All you need to complete the kit from your own stash is some clear drying glue and glue spreader/brush/fingers.  This is something I am also wanting to do as soon as I can.  I will probably use a couple of the little cogs and watch hands from the above photo to finish it off too.  I will update photos when I have done.

What do I think of this months Box?  I think it is absolutely brilliant, I will be rushing out and getting a frame for the Art Card definitely, I think I will get some frames for the others too, I know where I will be hanging them too!

Thank you Crafty Creatives for this months box it is so so good.  Can't wait to get stuck in.


  1. I'm very jealous as i signed up too late to get the steampunk box. Here's hoping that next months box is just as good!

  2. I was so so happy with this box this month. Last month I did get the box and photographed it but never got round to doing anything with it at all! Bad me.

    You will have to show me what you come up with for next month.