Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Child Update

I just wanted to do a little child update about Grace.  For a couple of months now Grace has been going to a Gymnastics Club in Bishop's Stortford called Valdez Gymnastics Club and she loves it.  If you were to ask her what she wants to do when she grows up she actually says she wants to be in the next Olympics.  I'm not sure if she would even be old enough for the next Olympics as she will only be 12, but she has set her heart on Gymnastics, even as a job now!
Well we found this club local to us and she joined sometime in February I think and has been working toward her Level 5 competition.  On March 17th we went along to the club for her to take part.  I don't think I have ever seen her so nervous before, she was also a little upset as her leotard and shorts hadn't turned up in time (I am delighted to say they are here now though and she will be wearing them tonight, yay), but she struggled on in the face of adversity!
We turned up and everywhere you looked there were people, I have never seen the club so full and the coaches were even saying how big this group was, I don't think this helped with her nerves.  We managed to get some seats two rows from the front and I managed to perch on an aisle seat so I could get some photos and video.  We aren't normally allowed to photograph whilst they are doing gymnastics because as you can imagine lots of children in leotards will attract the wrong sort of crowd.  I digress.
I will put below two videos for you, one of Grace's Floor routine and one of her beam routine.
I hope you can see them here, if not I will put the Youtube links below.

Grace also won 3rd place for her beam routine, which we are so, so proud of seeing the amount of children that were there.  Here is a little collage for you of some photos from the day.  As you can see from one of them as to how nervous she was.
several pictures of a female gymnast girl taking part in her gymnastics competition.
As you can see we are so so proud of our little girl and will be supporting her decision in anything she does.

Beam Routine
Floor Routine

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