Wednesday, 6 March 2013

All the leaves are Brown.

Hello All,

Thought I would share a quick crafty type post with you today.

I have already blogged about how much I love Crafty Creatives, I thought I would share a couple of the things I have so far made from box 7.

Firstly the owl necklace I made in this post. I wear it often and people have commented on it, I have to hide it from my daughter also.

Secondly I have actually done some needle felting which I am so proud of.

a photo of orange and maroon roving wool and a foam block with a needle for needle felting.
This is the kit from the box.

Needle felting itself isn't difficult, but it can be time consuming so leave yourself an afternoon if you have a large amount to do.  I received some beautiful autumnal colours, and as I am generally drawn to this time of year I was really happy about this.  Not ever having done needle felting before I thought I would watch their tutorial of what to do and follow their inspiration for making myself an Oak leaf, again one of my favourite trees; in fact the family generally joke that I have to always stop and hug an Oak if I ever see one, but that's another story.

a picture of a needle felted leaf with the needle and foam block

The needle you use is very sharp and CC were very kind to leave a warning, the needle itself has small notches/barbs in the side of the needle which are there to catch the wool as it is poked through, but I would imagine this wouldn't be too nice if accidentally poked through the skin.  How it works is it aggravates the wool to knit together in a way, so it becomes matted, which in turn makes it quite sturdy.  You then manipulate the wool into any shape you are wanting to make, in this case the shape of an Oak leaf.  You can continue to add different shades of wool to give the leaf, or whatever you are making, a bit of depth.  On mine I used the brighter orange to make the veins of the leaf.
a close up picture of a needle felted oak leaf in orange and red hues

As you can see from this picture the wool is on a foam block, the density of florists oasis.  This is so the needle has something soft enough to poke in to, but not too soft so it crumbles and doesn't hold up to the needle tip itself.  You can also see the fibres of the wool have matted together to make a sturdy quite thick leaf.

After having finished, you then wash it in some hot water and pound it against a counter for a while, just to make it more compact, think woollen sweater in too hot a wash.  Then a final cold rinse and leave it somewhere flat to dry.

I now have a leaf, and I'm not sure what to make with it, either to go on a headband or to make a wrist wrap type thing with it.  I will update when I've completely finished.

What would needle felt?  How would you use the Oak Leaf?

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