Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Prices do not include P&P or Paypal fees, I will work all that out through weights etc..
Some of these are unsold Ebay items, which I will list as 99p as that was the starting bid on Ebay, so excuse the ‘witty’ descriptions on some of them*

Anyway on to the goodies, clothes and other bits and bobs.

New Look drop hem t-shirt/mini dress.  Size 12, worn once if that.  £3.50
Top Shop shorts.  Arguing with the kids and husband as to the colour of these, either grey or khaki! Size 12. £3.00
Next shirt, can be worn long sleeve or short.  Size 16. £2.00
007 (2)
Baxter black skinny jeans.  Size 8 (W26 L32).  £3.00
008 (2)
H&M Hello Kitty purple hoodie. This has hardly been worn and is really really soft.  I think the shoelace part from around the hood is missing. Size 146/152 girl.  £3.00
Cream sheer blouse with rust coloured leaves and a tie at the collar, the label is missing from this so not sure on make or size, I would say around a 12 though. £2.00
010 (2)
New Look neutral coloured skirt with pattern. Size 8.  £2.00
015 (2)
New Look YesYesJeans flowery shorts.  Size 10.  £2.50
011 (2)
Next wool mix, green tartan coat.  This has hardly any wear  but the fur from the hood is missing.  RRP £70. It has a tie pull at the waist and at the bottom, with a lovely silky lining.  Size 10.  £15.00 or make an offer.
012 (2)
George at Asda, 2 piece t-shirt set.  Size 12-13 years. BNWT £4.00
New Look YesYesJeans lilac skinny jeans. Worn. Size 10. £2.00
014 (2)
Tan stretch moleskin, one button jacket.  Size 10. £1.50
This is an auction for a girls blazer type jacket in a moleskin type material.
There is a tie fastening and it it aged 12.
Could look nice with a smart dress or dressed down with a pair of jeans.
The ideas are endless!
016 (2)*
Anna Scholz for Simply Be. Size 20. 99p
016 (3)
New Look denim jacket. Elasticated arms and hem.  Size 10.  £3.00
017 (2)
Brown and Cream floral blouse from F&F.  Size 16.  BNW/oT.  £2.50
017 (3)
Nomads Clothing.  Purple Velvet and Black Lace long skirt.  Never Worn.  Size M.  £5.00
Strapless New Look peplum dress in purple leopard print.  Two trends in one, animal print and peplum.  Grab yourself a bargain and get yourself to the local cocktail bar and sip on some cool Cosmopolitans, how sophisticated.
Size 14.  99p
018 (2)
F&F Tan bootleg jeans.  Worn once.  Size 18.  £3.00
018 (3)
Criminal Damage, Bright Turquoise skinny jeans. Size 26.  £3.50
Bodycon dress.
Are you brave enough to wear this to the local discotheque?
This dress will be sure to woo all the young men.  99p
019 (2)
Quiz, Gladiator style heeled sandals.  Hardly worn.  Size 5.  £4.00
New Look Broderie Anglaise (sp) blouse.  Size 18.  £2.00
021 (2)
Leather Missguided Bebo Palma Leather Lace Up Shoe Boots (in the style of Jeffry Campbell Lita’s)  These were bought for £45.00, no on the website for £35.99 and never worn outside.  Size 4.  £20.00 or make an offer.
022 (2)025 (3)
Hello Kitty bag from Claires Accessories.  Make up ‘mess’ on the inside as shown.  £2.00
026 (2)
TU Skinny Jeans. Red, worn once.  Size 18R.  £3.00
028 (2)
TU Dress.  Blue with small red and white and blue flowers.  BNWT.  Size 18.  £4.00
Vintage Laura Ashley shift dress.  Size 10.  If you want more photos of this I can do that.  £5.00
LaSenza Girl denim jacket in medium.
It has hardly been worn and seems a shame to send it away.
This would look good either with a pair of jeans or maybe dress down a dress and boots for the casual grungy look.
There is even an extra pocket on the back for more sweets or lipstick.
I think this would fit around a 10 year old.  99p
Black pinstripe men's trousers.
Size 34W31L
Surplus to requirements.
Never worn.  99p
F&F Boot Cut Black jeans. BNWT.  Size 16.  £4.00
Leatherette (I think, I can't see any label to say otherwise and it doesn't smell of leather) bag.  Isn’t as ‘red’ as it seems in the photo.
This is a lovely bag, but I just have too many that I can't use them all!
I really thought this was vintage but then I realised it had a mobile phone pocket in it so, unless it belonged to Marty McFly I'm guessing it pretends to be vintage, which I think in the 'business' is called Retro, ooh fancy!   99p
PicMonkey Collage1*
Mixed lot of ornamental Teddy and Rabbit.
These are in pretty good condition for the age.
They are all a bit dusty from being on a shelf, but there are no breakages or cracks as far as I can see.  99p
Mixed lot of ornamental Cats.
The two little cats that are in the front of the picture are about an inch in size.
These are in pretty good condition for the age.
They are all a bit dusty from being on a shelf, but there are no breakages or cracks as far as I can see.  99p
Mixed lot of ornamental Dogs.
These are in pretty good condition for the age.
They are all a bit dusty from being on a shelf, but there are no breakages or cracks as far as I can see.  99p
Mixed lot of Purses.
These are all in good condition, they have been used but are now surplus to requirements.  99p
Mixed lot of beaded jewellery.
Maybe something there takes your fancy or you can use the beads towards a piece of jewellery or any other creation you can think of.  99p

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