Friday, 1 February 2013

Massive Beauty Post

Howdy Doodle

I know some of you aren’t so interested in the beauty side of things, so if You want to gloss over this post I will totally understand.

I said in my post of last week that I was trying some face mask and I bought a couple from Superdrug, well I tried another one during the week.  This one was a little different as021 it wasn’t exactly a clay mask.  This was a Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask.  The consistency of the mask was very much the same as a clay mask, but it didn’t dry and tighten up like a clay mask.


The fragrance on this was amazing, not too sickly sweet, I tend to like a lot of the vanillary, fruity smells of things, but sometimes the smell of beauty products can be a little over the top and smell very fake, which doesn’t assist in the enjoyment of the mask as all you can think of is wanting to wash it off.  The smell of this came from Raspberries, blueberries and cranberries and is mixed together with peach kernel oil, which added it’s own arom029a.  Nothing too strong, it didn’t smell like you had a smoothie on your face, but it was pleasant.

Even though the description describes it as a clay mask I felt that it wasn’t as cloying or as intrusive as a full clay mask.  It was very soft and not too harsh and was easy to wash off.  It did leave my face feeling soft and moisturised, not dry as clay often makes it.

I thought I would try something else here, so forgive me for startling photos but it is to help me with confidence issue too!

Face of the Day.


Yes not most glamorous, the light in this house is crap, even here in front of the window! And I need a haircut.  I’m quite proud of the way my skin is starting to look so much better.  Still have to work on my pores but it’s getting there.

Products used 059064

Collection 2000 Colour Match foundation. Shade 2, light.  This stuff is so good, I have such problems with my skin as it is oily but this works really well and doesn’t really make it any worse.  Then a brush of Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder. In shafe 003 Peach Glow,  During the day I normally have to reapply once, just a quick touch up on my nose and forehead. 


Soap and Glory’s Tricks of the Shade set, I managed to pick this up in the Boots Christmas sale for £8.00, one of the best 8 quid spent, I think.  I used the eyeliner pen, which is the blackest, most intense pen I have ever used, this just went along my lash line on the top of my lids, then used Pink T to cover my lid,  Mudhoney just in the outer corner and then Black Gold in the socket line.  Blended them all in and used a touch of Diamondust as a highlighter on my brow bone and in the corner of my eye to open my eyes a bit.  I also used Rimmel’s ScandalEyes in Nude to open up my eyes a bit, A couple of coats of MUA Extreme Volume Mascara in Extreme Black finished off my eyes.


The one thing I have difficulty with at the moment, it’s all a learning curve, is blusher/bronzer/highlighter.  I just don’t seem to have enough face for it all to go on.  Today, as I was trying to go for a ‘natural – not wearing any make up’ make up (not sure if I achieved this) I decided on a pink blush.  This looks very bright in the photo but as you can see by the top photos the pay off isn’t huge, but it does give a bit of colour.

To finish off the look I used a neutral almost nude lipstick, again by MUA, this has no shade number on it and 061isn’t as gold as it looks in the photo.  This lipstick is really nice to wear, it does work better with a lip liner, which I used, this one from Inika in colour 001 Safari, this came in a beauty box last year some time and I’ve only recently opened it.  I outlined my lips but made the line quite thick so as to use it as a base to the lipstick. 

All in all I was quite happy with the result, even if my self portrait photography skills need to be worked on.

As you know I am also having the worst trouble with my nails, splitting, being weak and just not looking nice, I am using hand cream, nail strengthening nail varnish and it’s just not working.


As you can see, not a pretty sight.  What can I do?



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