Monday, 11 February 2013

Evening all..

I’ve been very slack in this updating again haven’t I?  There has been a lot happening but when I think to write about it I can’t think of anything to say.

First thing, remember this post regarding the Birchbox in January.  Well the only thing I have really been using, other than greedily consuming the Tea Pigs Camomile tea bag, is the  Fresh, Sugar Rosé tinted lip treatment, and I really don’t want to like it.  The smell is horrid and the taste is weird, when I wrote about it and stated there was no fragrance I lied! I had a cold and couldn’t really smell anything, but alas there is a smell, I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s really flowery but almost smells like a type of toilet cleaner/air freshener.  It isn’t too bad when you’ve put it on because you can’t really smell it then, but then you have to put up with the taste. It’s almost alcoholic in taste, perfumey,  to me anyway.  I don’t mean you should all go out and start eating it as it is a cheaper alternative to that bottle of vodka you bought last month and forgot that you still had in the freezer, it’s just when you immediately taste it it has that astringent twang to it and then the perfume taste comes through.  But, and here’s the thing that annoys me the most, since using it my lips feel so lovely.  I have it on my desk and throughout the day re-apply it, not because it has worn off or soaked in lots, just because it makes my lips feel so luxurious.  It isn’t the only product I use, so maybe it is the combination of all three.  After I have cleansed my face, and all that jazz, I use Bodyshops’s Bubblegum scrub and then Blistex’s little pot of daily lip conditioner, which I also love.  The ease of using a bullet type lip balm is so much easier during the day than poking about in a little pot.  Fresh’s Sugar Rosé formula is just great the active ingredients are certainly doing something, but yeuch to the fragrance that is in there.  I’m also hoping I find something else just as good though as I’m not sure I can justify £13 on a lipbalm.  Unless of course I use up my Birchbox points and then wait another year to get some more!!  If anyone wants me to refer them, let me know it may help me on my way.

As it was my birthday at the beginning of the month I decided I would treat myself further.  I have jumped on the bandwagon, followed the herd and welcomed into my home Soap and Glory and Lush.


Boots as always were doing their 2 for 1 and I snagged myself some Soap and Glory goodness.  I purchased for myself the Sugar Crush scrub and the Rich and Foamous. I did also purchase for the third item Endless Glove hand cream, but that isn’t in the photo as I keep that beside my bed for using before I sleep.  Now I will state that everything you hear about Sugar Crush is correct, it is gorgeous, not just to smell but to use as well.  The sugar isn’t too hard that it feels like it is ripping your skin to shreds, the last scrub I used I accidentally scraped across my nipple and thought that I would have to be peeled from the ceiling it hurt so much, and it isn’t too soft so it dissolves before you manage to get a good scrub out of it.  The Rich and Foamous. is also an awesome product, and I feel this for probably the strangest reason.  A quick background if I may, Hubby is disabled, not so much as he can’t walk but enough that getting in and out of the bath isn’t the easiest for him, and as such we have had a wet room put in (no more long, hot soaks for me.)  Also me being of the larger persuasion (and getting on a bit) I am finding it harder to wash my own back properly so a while ago I bought myself a back washer brush type thing, which is great, the only downside when you put shower gel on it it tends to wash away too quickly because it isn’t particularly thick.  Not so the Rich and Foamous, one pump of the bottle and that bad boy is there for the duration.  That’s another thing, I love how the pump action only allows the right amount out so as to not waste it, which in this economical climate is a good thing.  Look after the pennies and all that.

Also featured in the photo are a couple of items from Lush, this isn’t all I bought just all I could be bothered to put out.  They are both shampoo bars, I wanted to try these as I had heard that they lasted for a long time and you don’t have the worry of recycling etc..  One of them is in my favourite fragrance which is Karma, which foams up lovely and smells gorgeous, and the other one is Jumping Juniper.  I bought the Jumping Juniper because I wanted to try and do something with my increasingly annoying oily hair and this is meant to help, I’m guessing because of the astringent qualities of the Juniper.  Alas it hasn’t agreed with my head (well I think it’s that as it’s the only thing I have used differently lately) my head has scabbed up and feels so, so sensitive (think back to when your mum used to put your hair up in a very tight ponytail and the end of the day when you take it down and your head hurts to touch, that kind of sensitive.)  Now I used to dye my hair often, but since we have had the wet room put in and it isn’t all old and tatty anymore, I haven’t dyed my hair, because of that my hair now gets oily very quickly and lacks any umph.  After reading Meg's post I’m going to have a look into getting some sulphate free shampoo, or maybe having a look at the other shampoo I have here, just a normal greasy hair shampoo, and seeing if that is any use.

I’m going to leave it there I think.  I have thought of other stuff I can write but I don’t want to make a MASSIVE essay post.  I will write it all in a notebook to remind me and then do some more tomorrow.  I really should look into scheduling some content, so I can continue to write when I am in the mood and then there will always be something to post.


Thanks for taking the time to read.

Is there anything excellent you have bought recently or any bandwagon you have jumped on?



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