Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Superdrug Face Masks

Howdy Doodle all


Yesterday I went into Superdrug with the intention of purchasing some Montagne Jeunesse face masks and asking an assistant I was told they no longer stocked them, I hadn’t used one of these masks in forever how was I to know?

Anyway she did show me where their own brand masks were so as I was there already and the hubby was getting a little uncomfortable, his back is still bad and we found out that he has a cracked rib so yeah not the best!, I decided that I would buy a couple of these sachets.


The one I used this evening was Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask, it’s 15ml and contains dead sea minerals and nutrient rich seaweed.  I haven’t used a mask in so long and I love love love clay masks.  Having oily skin I adore the feeling these masks bring when the clay is drying and it starts to tighten.



The consistency is like thick double cream, not too thin where it runs off your face but then again not too thick so it becomes difficult to rub into your face and you end up pushing more off as you try to put more on.  It really is the most beautiful lilac colour, not that it makes any difference to the mask itself but it’s always nice to have something pretty on you.


This mask has a lovely lavender scent, so not too ‘muddy’ as I remember some clay masks were.  Removing the mask was simple too, just get a wet flannel and leave it on your face and then wipe off, no scrubbing needed.

It really made my face soft and clean.  The only problem for me is having to find something to do for 15 minutes, we only have a shower so can’t sit and relax, and seeing as I dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday I can’t watch Youtube on my phone sat on the toilet, with the lid down, ewww.


What are your recommendations for a good clay mask?




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