Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Quick Crafty Update

Howdy Doodle

So I decided to have a quick make from the Crafty Creatives box 07. 017

I started with the Owl Bead. I guessed a few people would just put this on a bronze coloured chain and be done with it but I wanted to try something a little different.  We have stacks and stacks of feathers lying around the house, if there is ever a feather on the floor outside then I will always pick it up, I mean it has been left there for a reason.  So thought with a thick piece of leather thing and a couple of beads I would have a go at jewellery making, something I have never tried before.  I was quite happy with the outcome as I didn’t really have the proper equipment.

012 (2)

I added a couple of coloured beads, the orange to bring out the bronze colour and green because I thought that would be an excellent contrast, I love the colours of green and orange together.  I didn’t have any jump rings so had to use flat head pins and try and bend them round with a pair of needle nose pliers.


I really like the look of this necklace, I think it looks kind of ‘natural’ with the items I’ve used.  My daughter has already tried to steal it from me!


How have you all got on with the new Box?




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