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Birchbox UK January 2013


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As some of you know I subscribe to a monthly beauty box Joliebox.  well Joliebox are owned by a larger company Birchbox and at the beginning of the year Joliebox is no longer and we received our first Birchbox UK.

Mine arrived today in an outer bright pink box with the usual box inside, along with the Birchbox magazine.  I’m loving the colours that are being used and I hope that they continue to have different boxes for different collections, it keeps things interesting.  As usual the small drawstring bag is inside, instead of the Joliebox black it is instead the bright pink.  I am not sure about these bags, in principal they are probably a good thing as they can have numerous uses but I am sure that if you have been subscribed for a while then you may have more bags then you can use.  Also is it maybe an unnecessary item in this day of eco friendly and recycling, could the money used on these go towards something extra for the box?  Just my opinion.  Right lets get on with the products.



This month’s magazine features an interview with blogger and vlogger Gemma Tomlinson where she shares some of her beauty favourites and tricks.  Also a Fantastic how to on modern sixties makeup






This hair product has two parts which need to be mixed together before spraying onto wet hair and then blow dried.  I haven’t had chance to use it yet but I sprayed some on the back of my hand and it didn’t feel at all sticky, how that transfers to wet hair is yet to be found out. The smell isn’t at all offensive and smells of salons.  I will let you all know when I have used the product how well it works.

Kms California Free Shape Quick Blowdry 200ml £12.50



I have never heard of this product but having a quick look on line and reading through the magazine the principles of what goes into making this eye cream look really promising.  At the moment I am having real problems with my eyes, I have finally started using an eye product which has sorted out my bags (I still have dark circles so I have a way to go there) but the skin under my eyes seems to be getting drier, so I am hoping that as this is a cream it will put some moisture back in.  The product I am using also make my eyes water and makes them a little bloodshot. I tried a bit of this cream on my hand and it felt very thick and creamy not too runny and there wasn’t really any fragrance at all, which to me is a good thing if you are using it round your eyes.  Again I will let you know how I get on with it.

WEI™ White Lotus moisture rich eye cream 14ml £60.00



I am a sucker for herbal/fruit teas and teapigs is one brand I have been wanting to try out for ever.  Alas I already have around 8 or 9 boxes of herbal teas plus standard, green and black teas and I just can’t justify purchasing another box just yet.  I am wanting to try something different than Twinings though.  Estee has been raving about these teas for a while, especially the Liquorice and Mint; which I think sounds absolutely lovely, so I can’t wait to give this a go.  I just may take myself to bed early tonight with this cup’o’cha and read through some magazines that I have got behind on.

Tea Pigs Chamomile Flowers 15 Teabags (Pack of 1) £3.50



I’ve heard of this company, more specifically their makeup remover, but it seems that more of their products are slowly trickling through on to the UK market.  I am so happy this has come as I am having huge problems with my nails, hopefully this is going to help no end.  The nails on my index fingers are so bad, they have no strength in them, the flake and split and just feel like paper.  The nails on the rest of my fingers are fine and I have to trim and file them down so as not to make my index fingers look out of place, lets keep our fingers crossed (no pun intended) that this hand cream can help.  I have tried a small bit on the back of my hand already and I just love the subtle cinnamon smell.

Taaj Crème Mains Delhicates Hands Cream 75ml £17.14



This lip balm looks so pretty. I swatched a bit on the back of my hand but no colour came off.  It’s lovely that the tube is metal, it is less likely to break being thrown in the bottom of my bag and the lid screws on a bit, so no more bits of fluff sticking to it as the lid will stay on amid the depths of my handbag. As the weather seems to be getting worse and we keep turning up the heat indoors and in cars this lipbalm could really become useful as my lips certainly need that extra bit of moisture.  It has a SPF of 15 and there doesn’t seem to be much of a fragrance to it (I do have a cold though).  Initially when you put the balm on the taste is a little weird but as it starts to settle you can taste a bit of a fruit undercurrent which isn’t too off putting.

Fresh Lip Treatment SPF 15 - Sugar Rose Tinted 0.15oz (4.3g) £15.50


I have also made a video of the unboxing of the Birchbox so you can get an idea of sizes and maybe it will make you think about signing up to Birchbox yourself or even purchasing some of the full size products.

Let me know if there is anything there that takes your fancy and I can give a fuller description when I have had chance to try them myself.


Toodle Pip


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