Tuesday, 4 December 2012

As long as one child believes…

Howdy Doodle

Long time no see… Yeah I know not the best at keeping a blog am I, but then I don’t have the most interesting life.

Just dropping in for a quick hello.

I have been doing, well for the last four days, a Christmas photo a day, which I have been sharing on Instagram, @cordeliaearle if you wanted to follow me, and I will TRY and do the 25 days of Christmas, yes I have to be awkward!!  So here they are for your delight, I won’t post them daily here because that all gets a little bit boring, but I will chuck them in a few at a time.

1st of Christmas

2nd of Christmas

3rd of Christmas

4th of Christmas

So they may not be to your taste, but these are things that make my Christmas special.  The wreath I made myself, the tins of sweets my Mum gave me, we are colouring pictures to fill in the glass panels on our living room door; the children were supposed to be helping me as there are thirty to do but the children are already bored and only one has been done.  The mugs in the last picture are just cheap ones that I bought from the 99p shop, there is one each and we are having proper real chocolate hot chocolate on Christmas eve with whipped cream and marshmallows, so now we have new Christmas Mugs for them to go in!


I also posted a 'thing' on Friday which I left no explanation for but I was in such a hurry I wanted to get it done and then I was rushing out the door and the weekend for some reason was soooo manic that I never came back to it.  What I am going to do every Friday is a ‘Friday Fripperies’ whereby I will share an outfit of clothes that I really like, and maybe one day will be able to purchase, so there won’t be any type of excessiveness and hopefully most of the suppliers will be from the UK.


Today I also went to the cinema to see Rise of the Guardians and if you are at all thinking about going to see this film then I suggest you do, with your heart open and your cynicism closed.  Even though it is a CGI film the cinematography is something else.  We didn’t watch it in 3D because I find it messes with my eyes and I end up watching the film in double, but I can appreciate that this is fabulous in 3D.  The premise of the story, without giving anything away, is that Pitch Black (the Boogeyman), wants to take over the world, as he is fed up of people not fearing him and children are too believing. 

Now I know that the film is FULL of cliché but if we aren’t able to watch cliché at Christmas then when can me, halfway through I turned to Eveigh and stated that I would probably end up crying, which I did.  The thing is I am not sure that I was crying because of the story or the message it was trying to get across.  Basically it doesn’t matter how much fear there is in the world, as long as one child believes then hope wins out.  There couldn’t be a better story to be told in this world today.  There is fear in all of us, but maybe if we believe that things can get better they will.  It only takes one person to make a stand, and that idea will then spark something in someone else and before you know it, you are surrounded by people who also believe.  You only have to look at people like Malala, who through all the fear and sadness that surrounded her on a day to day basis, she still believed and now, because of her, more people believe.

One last thing, Jude Law, Best.Casting.Ever.


Toodle Pip! Cxx

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