Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Simple Things

Howdy Doody.

Saturday was an uneventful day really.  Grace was picked up by her Nannie early as she goes there every other weekend, which is nice for us.

Then after a few chores, we dropped off Eveigh at work and Mark took me for an all you can eat banquet, which was lovely, felt very sleepy afterward so too much was probably eaten, but it was nice all the same.

No daily photos were taken today so let me see if I can find another one from somewhere else.

This photo I took of Boots and I won a POTW competition with it.  I don’t think I won anything ‘physical’ just the notion of winning it, which is good.

Beauty bits, so you can flick past if not interested.

Sanctuary Spa 30day Thermal Transformation Mask.  £27.50

As I said I was going to try the thermal face mask last night. First of all you put on the silver sachet, not sure what the actual bottle would look like, this is a serum which you apply all over the skin.  Next take the second sachet, white in this case, and you apply it evenly and quite thickly over the face.  As soon as this touches the serum it ‘reacts’ and becomes warm.  Now I have used warming face masks before but this wasn’t like anything that I have experienced before.  It wasn’t overly uncomfortable but it was warm, a nice feeling to be fair.  It looks a beautiful clay colour and is very soft.  You have to leave it on for 15 minutes, now as I said we no longer have a bath so I sat my self down on the toilet, don’t worry I had the lid down, and watched a YouTube video of Fleur De Force, she has done three videos of ideas of Christmas presents; for Her, Him and Stocking fillers, this is the link for the stocking fillers, it’s worth having a look as you can have a chance at winning everything that they show you.

VAV Manicure Absolute ~ not able to find any details on it to hand will update

I have used this hand cream before bed the last couple of nights, and it has made a difference to my hands.  When it first goes on it feels a little ‘silicony’; yep another non-word, but it does sink in to the skin and makes the hands soft.  The problem I have now is my hands are so soft I am having difficulty gripping anything!  It is all good though.

L’Occitane Creme Radieuse Hydrating Cream ~ £29.00

I really love this cream.  I have really bad oily skin and this doesn’t make it worse.  My cheeks are normally dry and my nose and forehead are oily, this cream doesn’t make my face more oily so I am happy about that.  I have used it for a couple of days/nights now as my other samples from last week have run out.


Lavera Intensive Care Liposome Cream ~ from £12.50

I really enjoyed this cream once I realised that I was putting too much cream on.  The description stated that it was for mature dry skin and even though I have oily skin it wasn’t too heavy for my skin.  Looking at my skin afterwards it really seems to have made my pores smaller, so anything that helps with that is a bonus.

Today is spent listening to music and helping Grace with her Brownie Badge in cooking.  Seeing as it is the last Sunday before advent/St Catherines day I thought the best cakes to bake would have to be Christmas Cake.  She is doing it now whilst I catch up with this.

I am sorting her out and then I will probably spend the rest of the afternoon curled on the sofa with to great friends.

I really do love these two magazines, such lovely reads and if a magazine can, also very calming to read.

What things have you got up to this weekend?


Toodle Pip.   Cxx

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