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Today is to quickly catch up with my week and then hopefully I will be ready to start afresh tomorrow.  Yippeeee!!!!!


As the forty thing hit me I realised that I haven’t really thought of myself as a woman, no this isn’t going to get all burn my bra etc...

I just tended to be one of the lads.  Don’t want to do that anymore and for the past couple of weeks I have been watching various YouTubers doing their thing! A sort of realisation that I am indeed a girlie and as such I should look after myself and try and take pride in my appearance, something I have been sorely lacking as of 2012 and before.  Now I’m not really one for makeup, infact I’m not really one for anything facial, no cleansing, toning or moisturising for me, no siree!!!

Well it’s going to change and it is all thanks to these people mainly.


Louise, Sprinkle of Glitter

Fleur De Force

Yes it may be strange that a forty year old woman is watching these young ladies talk about their day and their beauty habits; but when I was younger and with my ‘BFF’ this is the kind of thing we would have done and if YouTube was about now, then we would have been doing it also.

So it got me thinking, there are lots of these videos of youngsters and yes they are the ones who are spending the money and the companies get behind them, but I thought, this looks fun, I have nothing else to do lets have a go at YouTube.

Now you and I both know that I am NOT a pretty, slim person, but there maybe other ladies out there who are in a similar situation so I am really appealing to them.  I am not in it to make money, I am in it to make ME happy.  I know I will get a few bad comments and I am hoping they are in the minority.

So without further ado here are some photos, videos and such like. Nope I am not turning into a beauty blogger, that would be just laughable, in fact I am sitting here with a cheshire cat sized grin on my face as we speak.  If there are beauty products then I will post a bit about them and then give a review in a week.  If you don’t want to know, then don’t read that bit, but I will still be filling you all in with the other MUNDANE crap that goes on in my life just as I have done for years!

On Monday of this week I had a magical mail day, that is to say that lots of things came in the post, I bet you knew what that meant anyway didn’t you?

Here come the photos!

Latest in Beauty Box, now this box is small and has samples in that you chose once a month and pay for via a text on your phone £1.50 plus standard rates.

These are the samples I got and a brief ‘what I thought’


These are Lavera daily moisturising creams which are a lovely thick consistency.  Smell gorgeous and really moisturise your skin.  I tend to have oily skin and to begin with I found that there was just too much of it and making the areas around my nose and forehead even worse.  I then put it down to just using too much, so instead of one sachet a time, hey like I said I am not a beauty blogger, what do I know) I started splitting a sachet and used it once in the morning and once at night and it really has made a difference.  The smell of wildrose is really nice and not too heavy just before you go to bed.

These are a pack of ‘make up remover's’ but after looking at them I would call them more correctors.  They look like cotton buds and you snap one and the remover is in the stem of the stick and runs into the other end.

The photos aren’t great as it was at night and on my phone! Oh and it’s Eveigh’s face I had no make up on!

We were both amazed as to how easily it removed the make up, even mascara which as we all know is a bitch to get off at the best of times. It’s non greasy and easy to use but you couldn’t take off a full face of make up as it would take too long and be a bit fiddly but for make up correction, fantastic.

Lastly is this Sanctuary Spa Facial Mask and Serum.  I have yet to use this because, as you know if you have read this blog for a while, we don’t have a bath so I can’t use that excuse to lounge around.  Plus if I have a reaction to it I didn’t want the other Mummies at the school seeing.  So tomorrow evening I am having a long shower and then going to lie on the bed with this on my face catching up on some podcasts (kids are away, no guilt, see)

Another package I received was from Feel Good Friends which was a prize relating to a competition I entered with The Green Parent Magazine on Facebook, where you had to share a photo of you and your child with a copy of the magazine and you could win £50.00 worth of goodies and a years subscription to the magazine, so I shared this photo

155501_10151184244168113_1876744008_nGrace holding her Nature Shelf she made following instructions in the magazine.






We received a board game, calming CD, workbook, affirmation cards and cards for playing snap/pairs etc.. Grace has filled most of the book in, listened to the calming CD before bed, takes out one of the affirmation cards daily to read, we have played snap and the Feel Good Faces game, which was great fun as we all love acting.  Such a lovely prize and totally Grace, she is such a Feel Good Girl!

Next mail goodie.

This one is a beauty box so you can gloss over the video if you want!

Jolie Box November Box

I will give my verdict of the contents next week.

Most funnest mail of the week!

This is about a monthly craft box, works in the same way as a beauty box but is filled with crafts, eek how much fun is that?

The company is Crafty Creatives and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I love it so much I made TWO videos for this one and took some photos, watch if you want.

DIY Christmas Decorations

and just a couple of photos.

Smelly Christmas trees from the video  &      I made this little cutey into a brooch complete with little bell on her hood







Mini Wreaths with Jingle Bells




Last fun mail?

Mollie Makes, ahhhh a sit down and rest.

So today?


Children in washing baskets pretending they are pirates!

As it says in the title.

Thanks for spending time with me, hope to catch you all tomorrow.


Toodles  Cxx

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