Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tired and Happy

I have just got back from my Sacred Healing Night, and oh my goodness I feel strange.
Unbeknownst to me there was to be some community healing and I was the first person to be chosen for some healing, there was me and another person.  We had all done a bit of journey work and then was time for healing.  I had six people around me performing Reiki and then the other ladies all drummed and chanted around me.  To be honest I felt a little ‘naked’ to begin with all these ladies me, but then I felt and could see that I was falling and as I was falling all these layers were being ripped away from me and floating upwards and away.  Then as the healing progressed I felt as if many arms were lifting me towards the light, the sun.  I could feel the heat on my face and afterwards it took a while for my face and body to physically cool down.  It was a tremendous feeling.

In my journey work I was surrounded by frogs, now I hate frogs (we have them in the garden and they fascinate me), maybe hate is a strong word.  They give me the creeps, well our ones do.  The ones that surrounded me though were the size of English frogs if you see what I mean, but were exactly the same  shape and colour and texture as Whites Tree Frogs and I could tell they were happy, almost smiling.

Like this but without the fly.  The ‘world’ I was in was very lush and green.

This was so different from where I ventured last time.

I haven’t managed to do The Lil Project today so will just have to do two tomorrow.

Blessed Be.

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