Monday, 3 September 2012

Sun is shining.

What a beautiful day today.  The weather was amazing.  Grace decided that we were to have the paddling pool out for the first time this summer, we would have had it out earlier except the first day of the holidays she decided it would be a good idea to break her arm!


broken grace

So for the last 5 weeks she hasn’t been able to get her arm wet, we had so much planned and we couldn’t do it.  Now Grace is not one to sit around and for two weeks she seemed to be in a daze wandering about not knowing what to do with her self.  She isn’t able to sit at a computer and play games or watch TV for hours on end, she wants to be out and about, playing on her trampoline is the most favourite past-time at the moment, along with swimming and being on her bike or scooter.

Today that all changed and she was able to jump in a paddling pool and get wet!  2 days before going back to school.

As you can see from the photos I have even managed to get a few photos of my little apple tree.  I’m thinking my Brighid’s Cross/God’s Eye has helped as the crop this year is bumper.  Be ready to pick soon I hope, alas not any crab apples and I think the blackthorn hasn’t produced anything this year either, but we have blackberries galore and around the village I have found walnuts and hazlenuts so I think we will be off for a bit of a forage soon.

Health wise has been a tiring day, someone has attached lead weights to my legs and I think there is some ‘thing’ constricting my chest!  Best go and have words with the powers at be.


Well I have a stack of magazines to read, one new one turned up today called ‘The Simple Things’ first edition, from the same people who produce (is that the right word?) Mollie Makes, which I simply adore so I shall snuggle in my bed, calming music in the background and fill my head with ideas of autumn sunsets and foraging fingers.


Ta Ta.


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