Saturday, 1 September 2012

Slow day.

Today wasn’t much of a day.  Grace is away at her Nanny and Grandad’s and we spent a couple of hours is town looking at cooker hoods and planning.  We do a lot of planning, we also do a lot of procrastinating too.  So many ideas not much doing.


Bought some books from the HUGE charity shop, Pride and Prejudice, Mr Tom’s Schooldays and Madame Bovary to name a few,


Have been sooooo sleepy but was determined NOT to have a nap during the day.  I managed it but now have a headache.  Feeling very sluggish as though the treacle is out again, but I didn’t succumb to nap time so that is one to me!!


Dr Who tonight, awesome.


Quick go on WoW and then off to beddy byes with Mal or maybe a cowboy or two.


Toodle pip.

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