Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Today was a day where muchness happened.  Woke at silly o’clock to get Grace ready for school, it actually wasn’t too bad, but I must get into the habit of getting out of bed pretty much when the alarm goes off as it does tend to make me groggy if I lie there for too long.


Today I had a making day, going to hopefully try and sell some things on Etsy.


This is just a sneak of one of the ideas I came up with today.  The thing I hate most is taking the photos and trying to get them to look nice, well that and the write up.


Day three of ‘The Project’ we had to write a few things that made us smile during the day, small things that made us happy.  After that we had to also write a quote which meant something to us.  Grace managed the things that made her happy, but she couldn’t get her head around the quote so she left that out.


I thought I was meant to be going Sacred Drumming this evening, turns out it is tomorrow instead.


No provoking thoughts today just busy busy.  I am tired now though from my early morning for the first time in ages so I am off to my comfy bed, with a copy of Firefly I think.





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