Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Past

I suffer from not letting things go, whether it be physical or mental things, I have a hard time discarding the past.  I don't know if this is down to my deep rooted fear of being forgotten or whether we all share the need to hold on to what has made us.  I am trying to change this, to rectify what is hindering me.

In March I started a journey with the help of a most special person.  This journey has opened something up inside me.  I have yet to find out what it is but I know something has shifted.  I also mentally said goodbye to a couple of people I had been holding on to which, in my opinion, were being harmful to me, filling me with either a feeling of anger or sadness. I no longer have that weight hanging around me, those thoughts no longer jump upon me when I am least expecting it.  I never thought that this would ever be possible but yet it has happened.  Now I just have memories, no anger or sadness, just memories a fleeting moment that has made up my life.

I will try to keep this up to date, maybe it will help to put things to rest, a close to the day.

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  1. I can so understand this, sweetie, as it is something I do as well. I too am trying to turn things around. It's not easy, is it, but I guess we just have to keep picking ourselves up and resume the journey each time we fall.